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Sunday, May 12 2013 00:00


Moms are whacked!  They make you eat things like spinach, broccoli and everything green – yuck!  Not only that, but they also insist upon making us brush our teeth after every meal when everybody knows once a day is fine.


But the one I could never understand is how a mom can preach religiously about the need for a daily bath when most injuries occur in the home and the most dangerous room in the house is the bathroom?  Don’t you even care a little bit for our safety?


Moms are strange!  One minute they’re hugging you and saying how much they love you; then the next they’re telling you that if they ever get their hands on you again, they’ll kill you!  Talk about schizophrenic behavior!


Moms are strange in another sense as well, in that they seem to have this unlimited capacity to be expressive with a deep and abiding love.  Who can find the end of a mother’s love?  It’s unconditional, it’s overwhelming and it’s extremely biased.


To me that’s a great way to describe God’s love.  He loves us unconditionally.  His overwhelming love for us is over the top – to say the least!


And finally, our God is jealous for us, protecting us from Satan’s assaults!


Good job, moms!


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Friday, April 26 2013 12:29

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Sunday, April 14 2013 00:00

Teaching the word of God is a challenge (not that it’s overly difficult).  To share a verse by verse meaning of ancient texts that have been poured over by great minds for centuries, all you really need for that is surrender and desire.  Tools abound to help you understand their surface meaning which can open the door to their limitless instruction for your life.


The challenging part I’m alluding to is teaching folks where the handles are, or the notion that the “Word” comes with handles.   OK, that’s my way of saying that “God's Word” is meant to be grabbed hold of and come along for the ride (the ride being your life).


So, the other day I get asked several questions by a relatively seasoned Christian.  The answers I shared were not really to the persons liking – it went against popular thought.  In other words, it’s not what Disney teaches in its mega-cartoons.  She totally missed the handles.


Here’s the thing: we miss or lose our grip on the handles because the world suddenly springs something on us that sounds more understanding and therefore more genuine.  But as successful as Disney and Pixar and others are in affecting young and not so young minds, you can’t change the Word of God!  Even if it “sounds” better to do so!


Please grab hold of God’s Holy Word and let it saturate your mind and heart so that no matter how persuasive the man behind the curtain is you’ll hang onto the truth!


– Dale

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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, April 21 2013 00:00

Life is fragile . . . and so is a church.  We thrive and have life only when we continuously seek to accomplish what our Lord has called us to.


What is that exactly?


To bring the gospel to our surrounding communities?  Yes.  To offer an environment for spiritual growth?  I agree.  I would add to that the mission of ministry.  A place filled with burden-sharers who are Spirit led to assist and strengthen one another.  (To truly be a safe-zone though, we have to be able to unmask without fear of rejection or judgment, so that’s part of it.)


I believe our Lord has called us to all of this and possibly more, within the context of love and within the confines of His word.  In other words, when loving our community – in Christ – we do not condone the sins that separate the sinner from a Holy and righteous God.  No matter how socially popular that particular sin may be or how unpopular we may become in opposing.


A church body has a chance to thrive in as much as they remain faithful to their Creator.  Our Founder birthed the church by befriending tax collectors and sinners and exposing them to God’s love and His truth.  Sounds like a great formula for success, doesn’t it?


But it’s fragile, and when we become too inwardly focused we lose.  When we become “Church-y” and judgmental, we lose.  Or hardhearted and uncaring, we lose.  When we make it difficult for those without Jesus to penetrate our world, we not only lose we become irrelevant.


Life in Christ is fragile . . . protect it through faithfulness!


– Dale

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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, April 07 2013 00:00

Doubt cripples.  It can weaken and erode the most ardent of movements.  Jesus, of course, knew this and within His close band of followers dealt with the issue quickly.  On the Emmaus road He severely chastises  the two disciples for their lack of faith and unwillingness to accept the miracle of the resurrection.  By far the most remembered episode of Jesus dealing with poisonous doubt has to do with His post-resurrection appearance to a disciple named Thomas.


Thomas clearly stated to the other disciples – who had already been visited by the Lord – that he would not believe unless he saw for himself the man Jesus and verified His wounds.


Our Lord gives the doubting disciple that very opportunity the following week and as Scripture relates, Thomas surrenders his doubts.


Question is, has doubt begun to grow in your life?  Could it be that you feel somewhat powerless in your walk because you’ve begun to doubt the reality of that power?


Our adversary, the liar, plants seeds of doubt relentlessly.  When we allow these seeds to bear fruit within our lives, it severely diminishes our effectiveness or destroys it all together.


The first followers, the early disciples, were so convinced that their message of a living Lord was true that they set aside everything else – even their lives – to proclaim it.


How convinced are you?


Are you willing to surrender all to Christ, or are you holding back because of some lingering doubts?


– Dale

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