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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, February 03 2013 00:00

“Committed to Christ, Committed to Comite!” . . . is a phrase that I hope gets stuck in your head as well as on your heart.  First and foremost, we as a local body of Christ are solely committed to our Savior.  His will  is our path, irregardless of where that leads.  That being said and understood, our Lord has given us here at Comite a tremendous facility in which to meet.  We use these buildings for corporate worship, group study, community outreach and an opportunity to grow into that which God desires.  These buildings certainly are gifts to be appreciated and adequately cared for by the Christians who use them in order to build the body of Christ.


This phrase and campaign are designed to remind each of us that as members of this unique family we call Comite Baptist Church, we are all responsible for helping to make it a welcoming place for the community to meet Jesus.  Keeping clean and well-maintained facilities are certainly a part of that.  Let me challenge you, as a disciple of Jesus, to join in the effort to expose this community to His love and compassion.  Further, may each of us assist in providing the  space needed to help make this goal possible.  We are stewards of great gifts, both spiritual and physical.  Let’s make them all count for the kingdom of God!


– Dale

Absolutism PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, January 27 2013 00:00

Does absolutism exist?  Is there any part of our lives where we can say, “This is an absolute and there can never be any give and take on the issue.”  Maybe we thought this idea existed within some of our nations founding documents such  as the Constitution.  But lately we’ve seen that even this widely held belief is being challenged more and more.


The questioning of whether an idea or teaching is absolute begins to be fostered when a generation arises who are allowed (or takes the liberty) to redefine certain terms.  When meanings are changed, ideas can be rearranged!


Nowhere do we see this happening more frequently than we do in regards to the Bible.  Before  our President’s inauguration ceremony took place we observed that one pastor felt compelled to step down from taking part due to the fact that he taught the full council of  God.  He was then replaced with someone who in order to teach as he does, has had to make some serious revisions of key texts.  Interestingly, both men are considered Christian teachers, both are seen as Christian leaders and both approach the same text with compassion and love.  However, they both come to different conclusions.


This behavior shouldn’t shock us, I suppose, since we’ve been doing this – albeit on a less dramatic scale – for generations.  We redefine to suite our needs.  May I suggest that a huge leap in spiritual growth takes place in an individual’s life when they realize that one must bend to the Word of God as opposed to bending it.


Yes absolutism does exist!  It exists in the teachings of Jesus.  It exists in the words of The Lord God!  Allow God’s words to change you rather than you trying to change them!


– Dale

Doubt PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, January 13 2013 00:00

Why do we doubt God?  (Of course we do!)  We try our best to down-size God to human-size.  Only what our mind can conceive, do we see being achieved – and in our arrogance we think that’s big stuff!


It’s nothing new.  Jesus’ disciples were infected with the same condition.  In Mark’s gospel we see this amazing miracle – we call it “the feeding of the 5000.”  It’s a creation miracle . . . it’s a never to be forgotten miracle, or so we think.  Not long after that God-sized event, Jesus has another opportunity to hang the fast-food shingle and feed the hungry.  In Mark 8, after a 3-day sermon the folks are hungry.  (And you know a hungry church is a grumpy church.)   Jesus presents this issue or opportunity, to His disciples.  Here’s their response: “But where in this remote place can anyone get enough bread to feed them?”  Can you believe it?  Doubt!  Commonsense rears its ugly head.  Lord, we know that you fed 5000 hungry folks not long ago but that had to be just a fluke.  What are we going to do NOW?  Can’t you just sense the exasperation Jesus must have felt?   He feels it still!


How often do we see the problems around us and pull our hair out in distress wondering what are we going to do now?  Our God is bigger than anything we can imagine.  He’s all things so nothing is impossible.  Leave your hair alone, get on your face before God, and seek His perfect, powerful solution to the situation at hand.  Doubt diminishes as faith increases, so trust God!  He’s bigger than the issue.  Trust Him with the answer!


– Dale

Life PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, January 20 2013 00:00

According to the Guttmacher Institute more than 73% of women receiving an abortion, claim some type of religious affiliation.  According to this same agency 28% of that number are protestant.  What’s going on?  Where have we failed?  How could the siren song of a world that encourages the taking of life be sweeter and more attractive than the melody of our Lord’s word that cherishes every individual and encourages the protection of each life?  Those who speak loudest and most often get heard – and of course our DNA is stained with sin!


Convenience, according to statistics, is the number one reason for abortion in America.  Could it be that inconvenience is the number one reason for silence within the church regarding this horrible act of taking life?  To acknowledge an issue and know that there is a problem causes one to possess some type of ownership of the problem.  To speak up and speak out could place us right in the cross-hairs of those who might disagree.  So, for convenience sake we remain silent and ignore the issue all together.


We’re comfortable!  God save us from discomfort!  In the meantime three thousand five hundred and sixty-two children will die in the mother’s womb today!


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves . . .” Proverbs 31:8


Let’s engage the issue together!


– Dale

It's Alive PDF Print E-mail
Written by webmaster   
Sunday, January 06 2013 00:00

In Hebrews 4:12 we read: “For the word of God is living and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; It judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”


It’s the first phrase found in this verse that has always made the greatest impact upon me and my life. “. . . the word of God is living . . .”  Meaning, it’s alive!


That’s strange, how can words on a page have any semblance of life?  The words in our books are prints and reprints of actual words spoken from our Lord and His followers.  These commands and teachings that sprang from the heart of our divine Creator carry with them the power to change the reader, remaking the individual into an entirely new creature.  As one reads these divine words, God the Holy Spirit causes them to have a powerful creative force.  This force acts upon the believer’s life  initiating such a desire for change that the spiritual surgery taking place is actually welcomed.


The writer of Hebrews understood the Word to be alive.  He based this upon the fact that once this word was consumed it would become “active” in the readers life leaving them different from before and hungry for more.


– Dale

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