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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, July 01 2012 00:00

As with most things "freedom" carries with it the best flavor when it's lacking.  When something is longed for, sought after, and dreamed about, its juices seem so much sweeter when obtained.  But (and you knew one was coming), when that same something is in great abundance it seems to lose some of its unique savor.  The taste may become ordinary to those who have access to it due directly to its availability.


This can be especially true when one is born into the abundance.  Never knowing anything else, an individual may feel entitled to possess it with no limits or responsibility.  One might say, "I've always had it!  It's my birthright!"


As a Christian this attitude can lead one to some very treacherous ground, causing him to believe that he is worthy of all he has rather than being thankful for what God has done.  Also this feeling of "self-worth" can lead one to look at others as less than him or herself.


Freedom is very much a gift!  Freedom in Christ is a gift meant to be shared with everyone, not hoarded by a chosen few.  Right now we may be blessed for no other reason than to reach the rest!  May we savor our freedom by using it to be a blessing in our Lord's Kingdom's work!


– Dale

I've Crossed Over PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, June 24 2012 00:00

We live within a certain morality, or at least we like to think so.  But what are the pegs of this morality that we’re constantly striving to live within?  It is our faith, right?  We follow because we believe in the reality of Jesus being our Lord.  Therefore, His physical words, preserved for us in our sacred writings, carry with them much more than just ancient wisdom.  In truth they are the purveyor of “truth” itself (coming from Him they can be nothing else) giving us our structure to exist within.


This means we have our boundaries, our perimeter to live within so to speak – and of course this is where we struggle – at the boundaries.  There’s no electric fence to warn us when we’ve gotten to close to danger.  No, the warning is much more subtle.  It’s a still small voice, one that we can choose to listen to or shut out or “up” and dismiss as quickly as it takes to step over a line.  But make no mistake, crossing over leaves its marks!  Can I get a witness?


Our God within, wounds us that we might be spared greater wounds.  And this is the truly wonderful part.  Through our wounds He begins to show us that these so-called boundaries are not meant to keep prisoners in a cage, but to set us free.  Only through living a surrendered life can we ever hope to become what we were meant to become in Christ. There’s something else!  The mind-blowing thing about it all is that the “crossing-over wounds” are a part of the process.  They aid us, help mold us in becoming more like Christ.  Yes, it’s true.  Our Lord wastes nothing . . . especially our wounds.


– Dale

You're Weird, Be Weird PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, June 03 2012 00:00

There’s safety in numbers, right?  I mean the more of you there are, the better off you are – makes sense.  But is that really true?  I saw a book cover not long ago that stated, “You were born an original don’t die a copy.”  That’s what numbers do best, makes you one of many.  Mass production is a good thing if you’re a car or a coin – not people, though.  We really don’t need Pete and all of his “Repeats.”  We need each one-of-kind to be his own kind under the direction of the God who fashioned him.  It’s then that we can become what our Lord intended for us to become as a body.


Christians seem to excel at this cookie-cutter mentality, thinking that in order for someone to be holy they must become one of the herd.  I speak from first-hand knowledge being raised in rural “church-dom.”  I was given the subtle and not-so-subtle guidelines for being the proper churchgoer.  Oddly, most of them had nothing to do with following Jesus.


We must always be careful not to fool ourselves into believing that we are the plumb line, and that others must follow our lead in order to be correct.  After all, there is always the chance, however remote it may be, that we don’t have everything quite right either!


Jesus’ life and teachings are our standard.  So, until we reach that lofty goal I’m thinking we need to keep our rocks in our pockets!


– Dale

Don't Douse the Fire PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, June 10 2012 00:00

Passion is contagious . . . Infectious!  You’ve no doubt experienced it; perhaps at a sporting event where the actions of the crowd around you that caused you to become more enthusiastic than you normally would.  Like a dust-dry forest it can catch fire  and cause people to behave in rather curious fashion.


As a Christian I’ve experienced occasional blazes that catch hold within a body of Christ and create an environment of passion that I thought only existed on the pages of the Bible. Sadly though, I’ve also seen that same passion doused by seemingly the most incidental of behaviors – criticism.


As contagious as passion may be, so to is a critical spirit – it’s Satan’s backfire.  The seeds of this firebreak can be so simple.  It could just be something a little out of the ordinary that the fire of revival ushered in, and before you can say, “get a rope” someone’s irked about it.  Usually allies are gathered , justifications framed, lines drawn and out goes the fire.


In order to keep this beast of a critical spirit at bay let’s turn the proverbial looking glass inward and allow the Spirit of Truth to root out any unwanted attitudes within our own hearts.  This, I believe, makes it more difficult for our adversary to use us as firebreak material.


May God fuel our passion for Christ and His Kingdom!


– Dale

Faithfulness PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Friday, May 20 2011 00:00


How would you define faithfulness?  Sure we can look up a series of meanings from numerous sources and for some that may suffice.  But faithfulness (at least to me) is one of those meaty words, juicy in the sense that it conjures up certain powerful images.  Those images are the definition.  They are what immediately springs to mind when the word comes to mind.


Faithful . . .


What thought just surfaced?


I have several strong images in my life of people who were faithful to their very end or more aptly – to their new beginning.


Do “you” come to mind when you think of the word?  Comite, you have been faithful. You’ve stood strong when others grew weary.  You shouldered the commitment while others shrugged it off.  Even though you probably had a valid excuse at some time to just walk away form the labor, you refused.  Your reasoning?  God's call!  He commanded and you obeyed to the best of your ability.  Thank you!  This work continues because of your steadfast heart.  Your tenacious spirit, has been used of God to continue His task of reaching this community for Christ.


Thank you for giving to the Lord!


– Dale

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