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Written by Pastor   
Friday, May 20 2011 00:00


How would you define faithfulness?  Sure we can look up a series of meanings from numerous sources and for some that may suffice.  But faithfulness (at least to me) is one of those meaty words, juicy in the sense that it conjures up certain powerful images.  Those images are the definition.  They are what immediately springs to mind when the word comes to mind.


Faithful . . .


What thought just surfaced?


I have several strong images in my life of people who were faithful to their very end or more aptly – to their new beginning.


Do “you” come to mind when you think of the word?  Comite, you have been faithful. You’ve stood strong when others grew weary.  You shouldered the commitment while others shrugged it off.  Even though you probably had a valid excuse at some time to just walk away form the labor, you refused.  Your reasoning?  God's call!  He commanded and you obeyed to the best of your ability.  Thank you!  This work continues because of your steadfast heart.  Your tenacious spirit, has been used of God to continue His task of reaching this community for Christ.


Thank you for giving to the Lord!


– Dale

Do You Love Me? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, April 01 2012 00:00

“Do not love the world or anything in the world.”  That’s a bold statement by John, isn’t it?  Seems pretty cut and dried to me.  It’s interesting that he uses the word love.  Don’t love the world – so maybe it’s OK to like it?  I love ice cream but only like yogurt – so no ice cream?  This of course is not exactly what John had mind.  The word he uses here for love means: a direction of the will, something you find your joy within.


Many aspects of the world are necessary, even enjoyable but that’s not where we pin our hopes nor find our true joy.  True joy can only be fully experienced in a divine filling of the Holy Spirit as we walk in relationship with our Lord Jesus.   Everything we experience in this world has the potential to disrupt that holy unity.  When we allow our cravings to overwhelm us to the point where we put them before our Lord, we’ve just usurped God’s'’ rightful place in our life.  Longing for the things of this world more than we crave God, places us on dangerous ground and links us to a hopeless partner.  It’s hopeless because as John states, “The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.”


The important point to ponder here is: how many things in your life are you right now putting before God?  The answer is probably different at different times in your life, but it’s never right or appropriate.  In fact it puts you and those who trust you in grave danger.  Are you in any way or in any form in love with this present world?  John’s assessment of that situation would be that the love of the Father is therefore not within you – harsh.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time you reexamined who or what controls your heart!



He is the Completion of All Things! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 18 2012 00:00

He will be rejected by His own people.  Isaiah  53:3


He will be betrayed by a friend.  Psalm 41:9


He will be sold for thirty pieces of silver.  Zechariah 11:12


He will be accused by false witnesses.  Psalm 35:11


He will be silent when accused.  Isaiah 53:7


He will be scorned and mocked.  Psalm 22:7


He will be spat upon.  Isaiah 50:6


He will be crucified with criminals.  Isaiah 53:12


Soldiers will gamble for his clothes.  Psalm 22:18


He will be given vinegar mixed with gall to drink.  Psalm 69:21


He will pray for His enemies.  Psalm 109:4


None of His bones will be broken.  Psalm 34:20


He will be buried in a rich man's tomb.  Isaiah 53:9



What was prophesied in the Old Testament was fulfilled in the New. That which was obscure became clear in the person of Jesus, our Savior.  He is the completion of all things!



Jesus Lite PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 25 2012 00:00

Abandon, literally means to forsake or desert.  Put in today's terms, it means to turn tail and run.  As a boy I tried to "sick a hive of bees" on my sister and her friends who were being ugly to me (they were brutal).  The bees, for some reason, came after me instead!  I turned tail and ran for home!


This is the mental picture I have of  the disciples when Jesus was arrested in the garden. Soldiers, temple guards, a huge force . . .  run for the hills!  This behavior is described in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark at the time of Jesus arrest by a single sentence. "Then everyone deserted Him and fled."


How often do we desert Jesus?  Life intrudes, no time for any thing except what's necessary.  So, no time for Christ our Lord.  That's ok.  We've gone on a "Jesus diet" before and He didn't seem to mind.  In fact "Jesus Lite" fits better into our culture than being a fanatical-follower.  This way of following leads us to another type of abandonment: loosening restraints.  We abandon ourselves to what feels right rather than what is right.  Picking and choosing which teachings of our Lord to follow and which to abandon may keep us culturally popular, but it doesn't lead to fellowship with the Savior.  It does, however, lead to a weakened Church and a milk-toast faith causing the world to wonder at its relevancy for existing at all.


Let's abandon our schizophrenic behavior – the results of "Jesus-lite," – untangle ourselves from the grip of this world, and feast upon the "Bread of Life."



Are You Among the Living? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 11 2012 01:00

Are you alive?  Are you sure?  Sounds like a strange question, doesn’t it?  Of course you’re alive, you’re reading this, aren’t you?  John records an interesting statement made by our Lord to the first century church meeting in the city of  Sardis.  He states, “You have a reputation for being alive, but you’re dead.”  That’s different.  How do you have a reputation for being alive when you’re not?  Of course Jesus is not speaking regarding their earthly bodies or their physical condition but rather of their spiritual condition – of which at the time of this letter was very bleak.


So, you can be alive without living because you’re really dead, but not actually dead because you’re  alive but not living as you should.  Got it?  However, the question is, “Is this condition terminal?”  Not according to Jesus.  In this same letter our Lord offers them a way to come back to life.  He says, “Remember what you have received and heard.”  After having their memory jogged He commands them to obey these teachings (always a big jump from knowing to doing!).  So they were to remember, obey, but also repent.  Repent of what?  Their deadness!  Do these things He says to Sardis and you’ll wake up.  Do them not and you’ll remain dead, and if you’re dead when you die you’re in “grave” danger!  Please listen.  You can have all the religious activity that can possibly be crammed into your time here on earth but if you’re dead that won’t matter.


So, the question is worth repeating,  Are you alive? . . . Are you sure?



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