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Written by Pastor   
Tuesday, April 19 2011 10:44

Obedience is the key that unlocks relationship.  Jesus states, “If you love Me, you will obey what I command.”  This is the very heartbeat of our love for Jesus.  With every bending of our will to the will of “The Father” we express our passion for Christ. Our following the words and commands of Christ is a love song played out in a tune designed to enhance and strengthen our ties with our Father.  Through our obedience we hear and understand more fully what the indwelling Spirit of Christ is prompting and promoting in our lives.  Listen, “If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching.  My Father will love him, and 'WE' will come to Him and make our home with Him.”  Jesus said this to His disciples, allowing them and us to see the connection between following His teaching and having the privilege of being God’s child. 

We are family because we’ve chosen to keep Christ’s words in our hearts and make them our life.  No matter the pressure.  No matter the alluring temptation.  No matter how others might dress-up the “way of the world” in religious garb.  No matter how out of touch with reality those close to us may try to make us feel – we thrive as Christians only as we keep to the commands of Jesus.  We become a new song!

What tune are you playing?

“Teach me Your way, O Lord!”

– Dale

Dirt Work Time PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Monday, April 11 2011 21:41

It's that time of year when many of us are playing in the dirt – working in the garden that is.  We’re busy pulling weeds, removing old, dead plants and vines, maybe reworking the soil a bit so that this year’s crop of whatever has a better chance to flourish.  Tending a garden and keeping our hearts and lives focused upon God can be similar chores, wouldn’t you agree?  If left untended, both have a tendency to become overgrown with things that just shouldn’t be there.


If you’ve walked with Christ for any length of time, then you’re well aware of the constant attention a heart requires in order to remain obedient.  But as any seasoned gardener could tell you, knowing what to do and doing it is two entirely different things.  It takes a purposeful determination to pull the old weeds out of your heart.  They have nasty roots that can sink deep and create a mess when disturbed.  Sometimes it just seems easier to crop them short and leave the roots alone.  It’s the same with the old dead growth.  It’s hard to admit when we’ve neglected certain aspects of our walk with Christ to the point that they’ve just grown cold and died.  We keep thinking “there's life there” but nothing happens!


Time to rework the soil, make it fertile once again.  A little determined effort can create rewarding change.  From weeds to fruit in three easy steps:  First, get on your face before God.  Humble yourself – this is properly positioning your heart.  Second, ask.  We have not because we ask not.  I firmly believe it’s our Lord’s desire for all to be producers.  Finally, act.  Respond in faith to what your God tells you to do.


Your heart is the perfect size . . . space to grow and produce the crop God desires!


– Dale

Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 27 2011 19:39

We’re almost halfway through our designated forty-day journey toward Easter.  How is your preparation coming?  What have you added in your walk with your Savior to assist you in focusing on His sacrificial death for you?  Christ conquered the grave not because He was bored and needed a challenge.  He subjected Himself to this horrifying and very cruel death so that mankind might have a way to life.  That’s powerful!  Without Him we are without Him – meaning helplessly and hopelessly lost.  Something worth focusing on, don’t you think?


If you haven’t begun as of yet, no worries, start now.  Try this: add something to your life that’s just between you and your Lord.  Add something relational, something deeply personal.  For instance, “time.”  Maybe spend more time seeking a deeper love relationship with Jesus.  Quality time can enhance any relationship and there’s none more important than with our Savior.  This can be accomplished through prayer and prayerful listening to what the Spirit is seeking to communicate to you.  Meditate upon the meaning of scriptural passages as you read them and seek to understand their meaning in your present situation.


The point is to make the attempt.  If Jesus was willing to go through all that He did in order to provide a “way” and a “place” for us.  It stands to reason that He desires a meaningful relationship with us.


Teach me your way O Lord!

– Dale

Hell Bound Heroes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Monday, April 04 2011 14:39


As my wife and I were enjoying a pleasant meal out a few nights ago we couldn’t help but over hear a young boy who belonged to one table conversing with a couple at another table – believe me we tried – but some folks just won’t allow that to happen.  It became clear that this youngster of about eight was a sports nut.  That’s what kept him so near, as our table was beneath the TV, and you guessed it, a ball game was on.  The couple he was conversing with refused to leave well enough alone and soon the conversation turned to the vile subject of NASCAR, and this boy knew every driver!  But one of the drivers – and for the life of me I can’t remember which one – was the little darling’s favorite.  He called him his hero.


Now you know, contrary to what Jeff Foxworthy may say, this little crimsoned-neck sweetheart wasn’t born with a racing form in his hand.  He had to be carefully trained in finding enjoyment in a bunch of decaled cars always turning left.  It’s really rather amazing what we can learn to long for, pursue after and eventually become consumed by, isn’t it?


Be careful how you live.  Someone’s always watching.  I’m guilty . . . guilty of expressing a little too much passion about the trivial (thankfully not NASCAR, but things equally as distracting).  At the same time I wonder, do I express the same or greater enthusiasm about spiritual matters?  I pray so!  Why does it seem that the weightier lessons in life are often much harder to take hold while the distractions in life appear to so quickly wrap us up like a wild vine?  I guess it has much to do with the “god of this world” knowing our fleshly nature as well as he does.  Creating a culture of distraction is easy for those consumed with self.


Be careful how you live, for little boys and little girls – any of us for that matter –  are so easily introduced to hell bound heroes.


Teach me Your way, O Lord!

– Dale


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Lent? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Wednesday, March 16 2011 14:18

How do you practice your faith?  For many Baptists this might sound like a strange question.  Given thought, one might answer: prayer, Bible study, worship.  All of these are good answers.  Consider though, the possibility of other ways that our God the Holy Spirit might deepen our walk with Him.  One such possibility, I believe, is found in observing Lent.  Although the concept is somewhat foreign to most Baptists, it’s well worth your investigation and possible participation.


When I think of Lent, I think of withdrawing with Jesus.  As Jesus withdrew into the wilderness for forty days of fasting and preparation, we too (at least during these forty days) withdraw from the world to a greater degree in order to possibly hear more clearly the voice of our Lord.


We may choose to look at this time as a period of sacrifice in our lives – one in which we give over something dear to us expressing to our greater Love that nothing is more precious to us than Him.  Or we could possibly see this time as an opportunity for intensifying our pursuit of God’s will in our lives by increasing our prayers and meditation.


However you may choose to – or not to – observe this time is between you and your loving Lord.  But you will do well to remember that this time frame is designed specifically to point us toward the sacrifice of Christ for our redemption which culminates in the celebrating of His victory over our death.  So maybe, just a thought . . . maybe, it’s worth the effort?


– Dale


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