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He is the Completion of All Things! PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, March 18 2012 00:00

He will be rejected by His own people.  Isaiah  53:3


He will be betrayed by a friend.  Psalm 41:9


He will be sold for thirty pieces of silver.  Zechariah 11:12


He will be accused by false witnesses.  Psalm 35:11


He will be silent when accused.  Isaiah 53:7


He will be scorned and mocked.  Psalm 22:7


He will be spat upon.  Isaiah 50:6


He will be crucified with criminals.  Isaiah 53:12


Soldiers will gamble for his clothes.  Psalm 22:18


He will be given vinegar mixed with gall to drink.  Psalm 69:21


He will pray for His enemies.  Psalm 109:4


None of His bones will be broken.  Psalm 34:20


He will be buried in a rich man's tomb.  Isaiah 53:9



What was prophesied in the Old Testament was fulfilled in the New. That which was obscure became clear in the person of Jesus, our Savior.  He is the completion of all things!



Are You Among the Living? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 11 2012 01:00

Are you alive?  Are you sure?  Sounds like a strange question, doesn’t it?  Of course you’re alive, you’re reading this, aren’t you?  John records an interesting statement made by our Lord to the first century church meeting in the city of  Sardis.  He states, “You have a reputation for being alive, but you’re dead.”  That’s different.  How do you have a reputation for being alive when you’re not?  Of course Jesus is not speaking regarding their earthly bodies or their physical condition but rather of their spiritual condition – of which at the time of this letter was very bleak.


So, you can be alive without living because you’re really dead, but not actually dead because you’re  alive but not living as you should.  Got it?  However, the question is, “Is this condition terminal?”  Not according to Jesus.  In this same letter our Lord offers them a way to come back to life.  He says, “Remember what you have received and heard.”  After having their memory jogged He commands them to obey these teachings (always a big jump from knowing to doing!).  So they were to remember, obey, but also repent.  Repent of what?  Their deadness!  Do these things He says to Sardis and you’ll wake up.  Do them not and you’ll remain dead, and if you’re dead when you die you’re in “grave” danger!  Please listen.  You can have all the religious activity that can possibly be crammed into your time here on earth but if you’re dead that won’t matter.


So, the question is worth repeating,  Are you alive? . . . Are you sure?



Thanks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, February 19 2012 00:00

“We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all the saints. . . .”  The Apostle Paul expresses this beautiful sentiment to the “set apart” and “faithful” brothers in the church at Colosse because they were truly living their lives in the power of their God who had consumed them.


Within many believers a miraculous change takes place at the moment of salvation – they are filled with a sense that their God desires to use them within His kingdom building project.  Using their new gifts and existing talents and just good old-fashioned sweat, they labor because it fills their heart with joy to do so!


It’s never been just an isolated event.  It happens today over and over again.  Christians work, labor, pour themselves out because to do less is to stop living.  They would explode trying to contain all that God has called them to do.  They do this not for worldly riches or earthly accolades or even a pat on the back – they do it for loves sake!


Paul’s thanksgiving was heavenward, and so is mine.  Today I thank my God for all those who labor in His name here within this body of believers at Comite.  For your expressed love, for your acts of compassion, for your good old sweat – I thank God!  This body lives and breathes and the book of Acts continues to be written as right here, followers follow their Lord’s leading.


God Bless Your Service,

— Dale

The Practice of Adding More PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 04 2012 00:00

For most of my faith journey I simply ignored the strange custom referred to as “Lent” observed by some “other” Christian denominations.  I mean, lent is something you clean out of your dryer after you’ve done a load of towels – right?  If “ignorance is bliss,” I was one happy camper.


Somewhere along the way I had an epiphany, a realization that my God had so much more for me to experience in my walk with Him.  Maybe you’ve had something similar happen to you as well?  In my case, this began when I became serious about discovering ways to  choke out much of the competing noise in my life.  This determined effort, I believe, enabled me to hear the Spirit’s prompting more clearly.  I share this so that you can possibly understand why it became so important for me to spend much time in preparation for Resurrection Sunday.  If we desire a deeper, more robust faith, then it stands to reason that something more must be added, right?


Let me suggest to you that  this preparation time before Easter is a time for you to do just that – add more to your life.  Now I know what your thinking, “Why would I want to add more to an already overwhelming paced life?”  Please trust me when I say that through the practice of adding “more” you will begin to find a peace that often eludes even though we are filled with God.  Here’s what I mean by more; more time alone with your Savior (this must be with purpose).  More time unplugged from this world’s noise.  More time spent in sincere searching rather than just sightseeing.


Resurrection Sunday is a real event.  Christ lived!  He died on a real cross and was placed in a real tomb.  All this, so that the real consequences of sin could be destroyed for you and me when He rose from the grave.  Why would we not want to mark this celebration with a change of routine?  Why would we not want a daily reminder of our undeserved gift?  Add to your spirit’s strength through sacrifice!  Take in more of what God has to offer.  Be careful though, the practice of adding more, may just well leave you

wanting . . . more!



We Follow Our Own Idea PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, February 12 2012 00:00


It seems that following Christ has become fairly compartmentalized within our fast- paced culture.  (This is probably not a recent development but perhaps an accelerated one!)  Although we hesitate to verbalize this reality it is a doctrine that we actualize within our daily routines.


We live immersed within the idea that attaining certain goals such as wealth, status and security are somehow noble pursuits, and will in turn bring pleasure to our Creator.  Of course this has necessitated the birth of a teaching that can somehow reconcile the contradictory commands of our Lord that speak to our surrender and communion.  Just a cursory understanding of Christ’s words and an elementary lesson in early church history exposes the folly of such individualistic focused doctrine.


But quite to the contrary the New Testament espouses the commonality of all believers. Responsibility rests within the whole for the well-being of each individual.  Early believers  had all things in common, they continuously bore one another’s burdens, living with a unity that could only be brought about by the presence of God’s Spirit.


As followers of Christ, this is our model, our example for building and we do not well if we attempt to marry our faith and culture rather than fully surrender our will unto Christ!


— Dale


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