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Written by Pastor   
Saturday, July 16 2011 09:16

Inescapable is the fact that we need Jesus!  But what does that mean; we need?  No truer words have been spoken than these:  one can live without knowing Jesus or exist without following Him.  People seem to do it just fine every day.  They breathe, eat, contribute to society, raise families, in fact many seem to get on quite nicely without any type of relationship with Jesus at all.  So, how is that so many of us believe beyond question the statement that we need Jesus?


Life is all about discovery.  When you discovered true love for the first time, you probably wondered as I did, “How in the world did I ever live without this?”  One of the greatest discoveries that an individual can ever make about living is that this life has depths to it never before imagined!  Awakening to the fact that this life is not all there is to life can be a shock to say the least – knowing that there’s something more leaves a mark.  Jesus, of course, is the only proper gateway to this newly discovered world. Because, as with everything else, it’s of His making.  Through knowing Him we become more and more aware that the possibilities of life move much farther beyond any of our old conceived boundaries.  We discover a new “need.”  More than breath, more than food, more than physical relationships – we discover a spiritual hunger that only Jesus can satisfy!


Hopefully there comes a day when we awaken to the inescapable fact that we need Jesus!  Now, you can squelch this need and ignore this new discovery – many do.  Or, you can reach for it – with heart and mind fully opened you can breathe in an entire new way of living.  With new eyes, you can ask the Creator to take you on a tour!


– Dale


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The Root of Revival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, July 10 2011 00:00

When the first believers began their amazing journey with Jesus it’s understandable that their grasp of what would emerge from their following was limited.  As they cried for direction from the disciples on the day of Pentecost, they knew only that there was a need, not where it would lead.  “What must we do?” to respond to God’s messianic movement that transcends death.  How do we follow Jesus?  Peter’s response, “Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus the Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.”  From that moment on the unexpected became the norm.

Basic to our belief is the completed cannon.  A collection of descriptive stories along with letters of instruction that helped guide the emergence of this new thing God was doing!  From these writings we clearly see that the church wasn't involved in one seamless growth process.  A lot of trial and error occurred along with sifting through personal feelings and beliefs.  Same as today!

Invaluable as these writings became we must remember though that the early church relied on and trusted in only one infallible source – the Holy Spirit.  Growth came because the Spirit led.  Doors opened and closed by listening to the Spirit’s call.

The word must be discovered and practiced but will only have productive power when directed by the Spirit.  Revival comes only when our hearts are cut in the same way by the same presence that wielded the sword on the day of Pentecost!  Can you see yourself giving yourself over to Him?

– Dale


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One Size Fits All PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Tuesday, June 28 2011 09:37

It would be easier sometimes if life could just be "one size fits all" . . . boring, but easier. There wouldn't have to be so many exceptions.  In other words the only dessert we would ever need would be chocolate.  (Did I mention that this one way would naturally be my way?)   If you ever managed to please one, then you would please them all . . . please!  Like that could ever happen!

Differences are a good thing.  They help make life juicy and spicy and sweet all at the same time.  Of course differences are also responsible for making our lives hair-pulling frustrating at times as well.

Differences in the church are a given.  That's because the church body is made up of this variegated invention by God called "people."  They each come with their own thoughts and feelings and points of view – "oh my!"  How in the world are we ever expected to get anything done?

Scripture teaches us however, that becoming a follower of Christ causes something unique to happen.  All of these strangely different, weird people become connected with a divine sameness.  The creative power of existence itself, God the Holy Spirit takes up residences within each believer.  In being filled with the Spirit of Christ we obtain an artist who knows the proper use for all of our unique differences.  This common purpose  doesn't rob us of our individual flavors, but takes them, blends them, and creates a wonderfully spicy aroma that works.  That's how we become a family, a church.  Think about it.  A finger looks nothing like a nose, but they fit together so well.  When God tastes our gumbo I picture Him saying, "Something's missing."  Maybe it's you?

Allow your differences to be used by God.  We need the extra seasoning!


– Dale


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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, July 03 2011 00:00

Service – it’s a familiar word.  But how do you define it?  It’s what we used to get when we visited the “service station” (are they even called that anymore?).  Can you remember an attendant coming out when you drove up?  He actually pumped the gas for you?  They would be all over your car checking the windshield, the wipers, washer fluid, tire pressure, and even the oil – what would that cost today?  All that and they gave you green stamps to boot!  We’re in much too much of a hurry for all of that now anyway.

We demand “good service” when we eat at a nice restaurant.  We expect it when we’re spending the night at a five star hotel.  Service is something that we generally recognize when we receive it and certainly know it when we don’t.

But do we serve?

When our present President was on the campaign trail several years ago, he challenged Americans to get involved.  “Find a way to serve your community,” he said (good message).  Not an original one though.  Jesus challenged His followers to be servants of their fellow man.  He had a way of making being last  – putting the needs of others before your own – seem like the best choice.  Jesus was clear that service would be an identifying trait of those who inherited the kingdom.  They would clothe, feed and care for others to the extreme.  It would be recognizable that Jesus ruled their heart.  This is “spiritual patriotism!”  Actually living what you believe, obeying the Master.

Let me challenge you to be a “spiritual patriot” and be defined by what you give.  That’s called service . . . any takers?

– Dale


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Happy Father's Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, June 19 2011 00:00

A father is never quite done. I think about that when I catch myself thinking, “What would my father say or do in this situation?”  It would be nice to hear.  I guess the old cryptic saying can be true at times, “You listen best when the voice is at rest”!

A father is never quite done.  I think about that often when I catch myself giving into temptation.  I find myself hungering for my heavenly Father’s strength and wisdom in that particular situation.  The wonderful reality of God our Father is that His voice is never at rest, just unheeded much too much.

God’s word is a “forever voice” guiding us and instructing along the way of life’s ever-present challenges.  This wisdom never becomes obsolete, outdated or passe' but continuously relevant to our human condition (subject to sin).

What better day than Father’s Day to remind us of our need for heeding the instruction of our heavenly Father?  Yes, we do need reminding!  As the only one who exists in all time and knows all things, and is love itself; his becomes the only truly relevant voice in which to follow.  Others can add  spice, and strength.  They can provide companionship, and pure physical joy but God our Father is the director, carefully orchestrating all the parts to provide the  proper divine direction . . . If we’ll listen!

Happy Father’s Day!


– Dale


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