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Wednesday, August 15 2012 00:00


We barely get past one tragedy before we’re hit with another.  Shootings, scandals and stupidity seem to be the rule of the day!  Our communities, which at one time felt immune and isolated from these types of incidents are being rocked with horrible acts of violence.  The question for so many Christians across this landscape is, “What can I do?”


First and foremost, we as believers, must be on our faces before our God seeking His mercy on this land.  Along with this though, must be a desire to return to holiness.  Dark forces move unabated in our midst because we’ve become more adapt at winking rather than seeking.  As believers toy with sin it’s rather hard to come against the forces of evil with any real punch.  Could it be we’ve left our first love?  Too many Christians will only attend worship today if all their demands are met and the atmosphere is to their liking. When is the last time you gathered with the body of Christ for the sole reason of seeking instruction – looking for that “Holy” direction from your God?


Darkness grips our land, that fact cannot be disputed.  Could the reason be because the light-bearers have failed to shine?  Whether it’s culturally correct or not we must live fully surrendered to Christ.  How will our land survive if we fail to do so?


– Dale


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Written by Pastor   
Wednesday, August 08 2012 00:00

We’re praying for God to extend our influence and to anoint our efforts in reaching a community that exists trapped within its own gilded cage.  To accomplish this task it first becomes necessary for us as a Church to look inward and examine our true desires and our willingness to live what we proclaim.  Nothing is more confusing for “seekers” than for them to experience the exact opposite of what we profess to be.


Examining oneself is a biblical mandate.  As the Apostle Paul states, “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves . . .”  If we begin to push into the enemy’s territory, there will be reprisals – we must be prepared!  Victory is accomplished in preparation – preparation and repetition.


May we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the cause of Christ, consistently gaining ground daily for the Kingdom of God.


– Dale

Joy to the World! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, July 08 2012 00:00


It’s great to deliver good news, isn't it?  You can’t wait to share it.  Of course today there’s almost no wait; you can call, text, tweet (whatever that is) or better yet post it on Facebook, just incase you have some friends in Greece who need to know the news.


I imagine that when the “heavenly host” found out what was going on in Bethlehem and that they would be the ones to deliver the good news to the shepherds, they were bursting with anticipation.  They may have even drawn angel feathers to choose which one would do the actual talking.  What a message!  “I bring you good news of great JOY!”  Translated, “Today the world as you know it, is changing.”


There came a specific day in time when eternal joy entered into man’s existence.  A Savior was born!  Not one who would liberate for only a time and then die, but One who can cause a new birth within the heart’s of those who follow Him for every generation to come!


The angels were the first to share but certainly not the last.  We echo the words of the heavenly host every time we share our faith!  “Joy to the world the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!”


– Dale


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Use What You Got! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, July 15 2012 00:00

One policy I’ve always tried to follow in my ministry is to keep things simple.  If it’s simple, people can understand it, they can follow the program, they will be more apt to get on board when asked to participate.  I believe the Apostle Peter was just such a man as well – a “cut to the chase” kind of guy.  So, it’s no surprise when it came to discussing spiritual gifts, Peter went straight to the point.  He tells his audience to, “use whatever gift they have received in the service of others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”  In other words, take what you have and use it to bless others for the glory of God!


The Apostle Paul, on the other hand, in more than one of his letters carefully outlines different gifts to be employed within the churches – and there’s value in that.  But Peter in a sense says, “Get busy with what you have!”  I rather like that!


As a pastor I’ve seen many people in a perpetual holding pattern because they weren’t sure which gift they had received and how God wanted to use them.  To them I would say (as Peter seems to), “Take what you’ve got and get busy!”


For the Glory of God!

– Dale

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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, July 01 2012 00:00

As with most things "freedom" carries with it the best flavor when it's lacking.  When something is longed for, sought after, and dreamed about, its juices seem so much sweeter when obtained.  But (and you knew one was coming), when that same something is in great abundance it seems to lose some of its unique savor.  The taste may become ordinary to those who have access to it due directly to its availability.


This can be especially true when one is born into the abundance.  Never knowing anything else, an individual may feel entitled to possess it with no limits or responsibility.  One might say, "I've always had it!  It's my birthright!"


As a Christian this attitude can lead one to some very treacherous ground, causing him to believe that he is worthy of all he has rather than being thankful for what God has done.  Also this feeling of "self-worth" can lead one to look at others as less than him or herself.


Freedom is very much a gift!  Freedom in Christ is a gift meant to be shared with everyone, not hoarded by a chosen few.  Right now we may be blessed for no other reason than to reach the rest!  May we savor our freedom by using it to be a blessing in our Lord's Kingdom's work!


– Dale

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