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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, November 13 2011 00:00


We don’t think about it much – because it could possibly drive us over the edge – but seemingly benign decisions (you know, the lesser ones) have a way of returning and becoming the current our life gets caught up in.  Choices we make can take on a life of their own blind siding us so completely we feel like we’re drowning.  Case in point, Ann decided to go out with a young farm boy, just as friends – harmless right!  Look where that landed her!

Point being, our vision is extremely shortsighted.  We think we can see down the road but we delude ourselves.  Life has some wicked turns – some bringing unexpected joy (like me for Ann) while others – not so much!

This could be one of the reasons the Apostle Paul encourages the early Christians to pray without ceasing.  As good as a decision looks in the beginning our Lord knows the ultimate conclusion of the matter.

We all have water marks in our lives – those choices we’ve made that when viewed by the world would cause them to ask, “How in the world did you let the muck get so high?”  Remember, we serve a God who not only has perfect hindsight but His foresight is perfection as well.  We should practice what Paul preached – ask before choosing.  We have no way of knowing when a small decision might create a torrent and seek to drown us.  He does, though!



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Full Access PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Saturday, November 05 2011 23:00

Full access . . . what exactly does that mean?  Well, in the seemingly never ending stream of reality shows that appear on TV it seems to mean how many fights or drunken stupors can be staged in a thirty minute program.  I’m curious,  how many times do you think these reality shows have to stage something embarrassing before they believe it’s raunchy enough?

Needless to say “full access” into our lives is not something most of us would ever really want, right?  We like to have a place where we can unbutton and let our hair down away from most other people, and that’s good.

Sometimes however, we forget when it comes to our Lord, He has full on access.  Not only does He see all, but He also knows everything we’ve carefully hidden away from everyone else.  He sees our ugly side, our hidden anger, jealously, contempt, joy when others suffer – it can get pretty rank!  We’ve carefully learned how to hide all this from others but remarkably most of us have discovered ways to even hide it from ourselves. We don’t like the ugliness so we block it out.  It’s the Holy Spirit’s task to help us rip off the cover so we can see the real us and our real need – for Him.

Most of us clean up pretty well, on the outside.  Remember though, to experience the kingdom we have to have the inside of the cup cleaned.  Purity, that’s what God demands.  That seems impossible I know, but He can make it happen.  His remarkable cleaning solution (the blood of the lamb) can make you as white as snow – on the inside.  Trust Him!


The Fragrance of Your Life PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Friday, October 28 2011 01:11

In the apostle Paul’s letter to the Christians in the city of Ephesus, he spoke of Jesus being a “fragrant offering” to God.  Because of our Savior’s unquenchable love for mankind and His desire to surrender His life for our salvation – His sacrifice took on an odor that overwhelmed heaven itself.  Can you imagine how our senses will be assaulted by this indescribable fragrance as we enter the presence of God and literally take in the aroma of Christ?

Consider the fact that our sacrificial living can be a sweet smell to God as well.  If we dare imitate the life of Jesus and desire to live in obedience to His commands – our actions will become that fragrant offering.

Paul’s challenge to the early believers in Ephesus to be imitators of God holds just as true  for today’s followers.  So, live a life of love, and walk as children of the light, being wise in all you do, so that there may not be even be a hint of impurity within your heart – then watch as the sweet fragrance of your Christ-filled life begins to affect change in your world!


Marching For Jesus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Sunday, October 30 2011 00:00

Do you feel like marching?  Lately it seems everyone is eager to march about something.  That’s how our society seemingly expresses its frustration – marching or squatting on “somewhere USA.”

Why are we marching?

Who cares!

Are you upset?


Then come on and join the march.

Did you happen to hear some of the interviews from the crowd marching on Wall Street?  Seems the participants are as confused as the onlookers as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.  Oh well, no one wants to be left out.  Details don’t really matter, right?

Christians can’t throw any rocks, though.  Confusion seems to rule the day when it comes to being a follower of  Jesus.

Do we have to follow this Guy just the way He says?

Who cares!

Do you want to go to heaven?


Then come on and join the march!

Whose march have we joined, though?  One of the most sobering truths that Jesus shares with His listeners is when He tells them there are going to be many who are firmly convinced they’re in the right parade.  But in the end, Jesus will tell them to go away because He doesn’t know who they are.

Details do matter!  Make sure you know the leader of your parade!


Our Mysterious God PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor   
Monday, October 10 2011 10:53

God moves in mysterious ways.  I’m sure you’ve heard that old tried-and-true axiom. God actually moves as He sees fit and He, of course, sees everything perfectly.  The mystery comes from our limited vision.  After all, we only see in part – not the whole. (The older I get the fewer parts I seem to see!)  Actually, to see the “whole” would be overwhelming – praise God for limited vision!  That’s where trust comes in.  We trust God knowing that He knows all.  So, in the times that we believe everything in our world is spinning out of control we remind ourselves that God is in the midst of the vortex – nothing sneaks up on Him.  But God does more than just “now” He uses everything (large and small) to enact His will, to perform His purpose.

So before we belittle something that seems like a strange intrusion into our carefully planned lives – stop . . . take a breath . . . and consider how God might use this event to bring about His perfect will.  Pray, and ask God for clearer vision so that the purpose might be discovered within the challenge.  The unfolding of the Father’s will for your life is a journey that can be quite challenging and at times even painful, but that journey has the possibility of bringing about beautiful results if we’re willing to trust.  God knows how to create and His desire is to create a masterpiece out of you!


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