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Sunday, August 21 2011 00:00

That’s what we’re calling it!  It’s a time of celebrating our ability to know Jesus and be an active participant in His glorious kingdom’s work.  Come Wednesday, September 14 AWANA won’t be the only thing kicking off!  We invite the entire church family, along with anyone you can pack up and bring with you, to join us in shouting to the Lord and generally being excited about who you are in Christ!  Our band will lead the way but we’re also looking for others to join in the Praise-Party – how can you help?

We’ll be meeting in the sanctuary following our Wednesday evening meal at 6:30.  So come and eat if you like or just meet us in the church.  We’re praying that this will also be a time of outreach for our church body.  So maybe you can invite someone who’s been a little leery about coming to a more formal church event?

To reach our community we need you (Christian) to become excited about your faith, excited about your church, and passionate for souls!

Come celebrate with us!

– Dale


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Written by Pastor   
Sunday, August 14 2011 00:00


Knowing God is the point, right?  It’s the reason God came down as man; the reason we have Holy script; it’s the very reason God the Holy Spirit dwells within believers.  So, what about it, how well do you know God?

If knowing God and entering into a relationship with Him is the point – and it is – then understanding a little about His nature would surely help . . . agreed?  Consider this; God stands poised at this very moment, ready to overwhelm you with His love.

Jesus, while talking to the crowds following Him, tells a great story to illustrate this very point.  The story is about a father who has two sons.  Both sons have a strained relationship with their dad, to say the least.  One is rebellious, the other bitter.  But throughout this beautifully unfolding story emerges the powerful unassuming love of the father.  He lets the rebellious son leave but longs for the day he can grab hold of him again.  Then having his baby back, he withstands the venom spewed at him from the older son redirecting that anger toward a new reality (at least for the son) and that is: “Everything I have is yours!”

Here it is: knowing God is made possible only because He’s the type who just won’t quit loving.



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Written by webmaster   
Friday, July 22 2011 16:21

Connecting is the key, correct?  We are better able to efficiently connect to a hurting world when we feel a closeness with our God.  It’s when we are involved in “practicing the presence” of God that we catch a glimpse or whiff of His heart, and how He longs to revel Himself to a dying world.

Encased in a “made in the world” hard shell it’s easier for us to ignore the needs of others and our responsibility in relieving those needs.  So, might we say connection is vital?  How are you purposefully seeking this deeper connection with God?

May I suggest just a few possible ways?

Be in God’s presence.  I know that God is ever present and no action or thought escapes his view.  But  there’s something uniquely powerful in just being still and quite in the presence of God.  Maybe from this point we can hear and discern God’s instruction for our life?

Learn of God.  We have a plethora of knowledge right at our fingertips.  God’s Word reveals what we need to know to have a working knowledge of just who our God is . . .  His character . . . His desires . . . His will!

Practice prayer.  Converse with your Creator, seek His voice and guidance for your spiritual journey.

Detachment is what our world preaches.  With every time saving device conceived of by the mind of man we divide ourselves further – leading us farther away from divine connection.  As Rainer and Rainer wrote in their book “Essential Church” we must learn how to: “Connect to God in order to connect to others and the world for Christ.”

We have ways right here at Comite for you to explore this “connecting with God.”  Please take the initiative to involve yourself in one of our Sunday morning Bible studies or perhaps one of our other small groups – it makes a difference when you’re plugged in!


– Dale


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Written by Pastor   
Tuesday, August 02 2011 08:50

“This is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many . . .”  Jesus proclaims the mark of this covenant before any of His blood is ever split.  It’s a new covenant now that binds the Divine and humanity together in hope.  Through this symbolic act of what we term the “Lord’s Supper” we acknowledge this promise made between God and man.  The promise of course is that Jesus provides a substitutionary death for the sins of mankind in order that we might “faith” Him and experience true life.

Through these elements – bread and drink – we remind ourselves of this life-altering promise.  It is through faith that we come to Jesus, believing that He is God the Son, and it is through this meal that we remember the promises made by both parties – God and yes, man as well!  Granted, it is a covenant made by a greater power with a much, much lesser power, yet we, the lesser power, have our part to fulfill:

• Surrender

• Obedience

• Love

• Humility

We, in essence, become a new mound of clay for the Master to mold as He sees fit.  Remembering this at the Lord’s table is vital – because we’re so human and we forget.  It escapes us at times that “Yes Lord” are to be the words we live by.

Today, allow the bread and drink to stir your memory and remind you what you have received in Christ.  But also may you be reminded of what you’ve promised to give – yourself!

– Dale


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Saturday, July 16 2011 09:16

Inescapable is the fact that we need Jesus!  But what does that mean; we need?  No truer words have been spoken than these:  one can live without knowing Jesus or exist without following Him.  People seem to do it just fine every day.  They breathe, eat, contribute to society, raise families, in fact many seem to get on quite nicely without any type of relationship with Jesus at all.  So, how is that so many of us believe beyond question the statement that we need Jesus?


Life is all about discovery.  When you discovered true love for the first time, you probably wondered as I did, “How in the world did I ever live without this?”  One of the greatest discoveries that an individual can ever make about living is that this life has depths to it never before imagined!  Awakening to the fact that this life is not all there is to life can be a shock to say the least – knowing that there’s something more leaves a mark.  Jesus, of course, is the only proper gateway to this newly discovered world. Because, as with everything else, it’s of His making.  Through knowing Him we become more and more aware that the possibilities of life move much farther beyond any of our old conceived boundaries.  We discover a new “need.”  More than breath, more than food, more than physical relationships – we discover a spiritual hunger that only Jesus can satisfy!


Hopefully there comes a day when we awaken to the inescapable fact that we need Jesus!  Now, you can squelch this need and ignore this new discovery – many do.  Or, you can reach for it – with heart and mind fully opened you can breathe in an entire new way of living.  With new eyes, you can ask the Creator to take you on a tour!


– Dale


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