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Written by Dale   
Sunday, December 05 2010 02:18

“For God so Loved . . .”  We've quoted this and similar verses so often that maybe their impact upon us has waned a bit in the repetition.  We have the habit of looking for formulas when only relationships will do.  We look for process when our Creator only seeks for us to possess.

How often are you awed by God's love?  The truly remarkable thing is that our Lord knows us through and through, inside and out, and yet still sees something worth loving in each of us.  Of course that “something” is His knowledge of what we are capable of becoming - of being - if filled with His presence.


To be filled though, one must surrender.  God will only send His loving flood through open doors!  Which causes me wonder about the aroma of submission.  It must be distinct!  The fragrance is captivating to God, every whiff reminding Him of His Son.  The very act of drawing in God the Holy Spirit is as flood waters rushing through a broken levee.

Think about Saul on the road to Damascus, the stench of rebellion rising upward to God from Saul's heart.  Then envision Paul picking himself up out of the dust, broken and blind but with the sweet smell of submission making its way to God from his freshly changed heart.  God knew what Saul would be when overwhelmed by His Spirit - so He struck him down in love.  God blinded his eyes but gave him true sight.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son . . .”  He gave His Son to be butchered so that once the sacrifice was accomplished we would finally have the ability to actually see light . . . to possess life . . . to know His amazing love!

His love runs so incredibly deep for us.  That of course, is the reason that God Himself surrendered first!  He gave, so that we might have!  How long has it been since you've allowed God's amazing love to inspire you?

Merry Christmas!

- Dale

Written by Dale   
Sunday, November 28 2010 00:00

Today marks the beginning of the Advent Season.  The significance of this season (as in all things) varies from person to person and perhaps from denomination to denomination.  But truly, how each of us prepare for something speaks volumes of how much we treasure and cherish that something.  That of course, is our meaning when we use the phrase “Advent Season.”  We speak of a time of preparation.

Christmas (in our culture, at least) can’t just sneak up on anyone – it’s impossible.  Unless of course, if you’re just waking up from a coma, then maybe?  It’s ingrained within each of us as small children how to recognize the signs that the “season of getting” is fast approaching. My training began with a great little invention called the Sears wish book.  This amazing catalog was filled with pages and pages of every toy known to mankind!  It was our generation’s internet.

Maturing in my faith though, has changed the way I see Christmas, therefore, changing the way I prepare for this special time as well.  One of the tools I use in that preparation is the concept of the Advent Season.  I strive to meditate upon or dwell on each symbol or ideal of the Advent Season and consider how they have impacted my life:

• The unique hope we have in Christ

• The love shown by the Creator to His fallen and rebellious creation

• The joy that now resides within our hearts because of the presence of Jesus Christ

• And finally, the peace that this living Presence brings

Each of these deepen in significance as I understand them a bit more.  They help me to keep things sorted, and in a somewhat proper perspective.

I go crazy this time of year, I know, but in a good way . . . and hopefully in a Christ-honoring way.  How is it that you prepare in honoring your King’s birth?  How do you celebrate the giving of the “perfect Gift” for yourself and this entire world?

How you prepare for something can be a strong indication of how significant that something is to you.

Teach me Your way, O Lord.


– Dale

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Written by Dale   
Saturday, January 16 2010 21:45

For some strange reason many seem to covet the ability to mask their true feelings.  Wear a smile and hide what you're really thinking!  Many call it having a "poker face."  The point is, never let 'em see you sweat!  Why?  One possible answer to this is - options.  If we keep the real concealed, then we can be whoever we want to be.  Or better put, we can be whoever we need to be for that particular moment.  By the way, I believe the correct term for this condition is called "politician."  Could it be that there is a real us and then a pretend us?  My grandson loves to put on his Spiderman costume and slip into that make-believe world where mama is the evil villain and papa must save the day by throwing her into the pond.  (I'm not sure whose make-believe world that really is.)  All of that's OK for three year olds.  But as "mature, saved adults" trying so hard to keep our real selves locked away doesn't sound like the Christ-like way.

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Written by Dale   
Sunday, November 21 2010 00:00


Fear is a gripping emotion.  It can easily cause us to suddenly freeze up, completely incapacitating us.  Fear in its myriad of forms can be seen as completely sensible, like the fear of spiders or snakes; or, it can be seen as completely illogical, such as the fear of bathrooms.  No matter how we experience it, its reality can't be dismissed.  It's powerful.

Interestingly, one person's greatest joy can actually be another's greatest fear, showing us that fear comes wrapped up in so many different styles.  Unfortunately many times that fear will cause us to align ourselves with the world just to help alleviate it.  For example, the fear of loneliness may cause us to seek inappropriate companionship.  The fear of obscurity may cause us to seek popularity at any and all cost.

For almost every fear there seems to be some type of sensible counter balance created by this world system to help diminish that particular terror.  As Christians we may have a problem with many of these so-called solutions.  Mainly because since our rebirth, we're different, striving to live in a different way.  What seems reasonable to "single-birth" folks just won't work for us "dos-birth" people.

Peter tells us that, "once we were not a people, but now we are . . ." (1Peter 2).  So, he and other early Christians encourage us to seek Godly answers to our fears and weaknesses.  Peter writes urging the early church (and us as well) to think of ourselves as aliens, strangers here in this world, not allowing ourselves to succumb to earthly desires.  Part of that incorrect desiring is found in fearing the wrong things.

God tells Isaiah, not to follow the way of the people, not to fear what they fear.  God states, "The Lord Almighty is the one you are to fear, the one you are to regard as holy, the one you are to dread."  It would seem that the solution to our possible fears is found in knowing what, or better put, who to fear!  How do you cure fear?  With fear!  Properly placed fear.  This proper placement is made possible when we are reborn.  We then gain the capacity to truly know God, therefore to truly fear God. To become awed by our Creator.  So fear becomes a gift, that helps alleviate fear! Trust me, it's not logical it's not meant to be.  It's a God thing!


– Dale


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Written by Dale   
Friday, January 08 2010 21:57

Urban Meyer, of the University of Florida football team recently resigned his position as their head coach.  Then, in a span of less than 24 hours he experienced a change of heart and decided quitting was not for him.  When asked why, Urban stated that the thought of turning the reigns of what had been built in "Gator Land" over to someone else who might change its direction was more than he could bear.  Later in the same interview, Urban was asked the question, did  he deal well with change?  His answer: "Up to this point, no!"  What would your answer be?

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