The word of God makes it very clear that God inhabits the praises of His people!  He is our audience and truly knowing Him is our ultimate goal.  This is our passion in the Music/Worship Ministry.  We are committed to growing our hearts towards God, and by example, teaching our congregation the importance of worshiping the Father in truth and in spirit.  Music, whether vocal or instrumental, is our vehicle to achieve this goal.

The Music Ministry provides an on-going program of worship opportunities and training for our adult vocal team and praise band.  The weekly rehearsals serve to do much more than provide an opportunity to make music. We also strive to teach and train as we lead each person to use music to honor God in a personal way that will be pleasing to God and nurturing to the individual.

• Adult Vocal Team:
A ministry designed for adults age 19 and older wanting to use their talents to serve the Lord. The vocal team sings a wide variety of music: classical, hymns, contemporary Christian, and praise songs.

• Band: A ministry designed for those with instrumental skills to add extra flavor to our worship services and musical events.

• Sound Tech: A ministry designed for those who are skilled or want to learn the skill of operating high-tech equipment for our services and musical events.

• Lighting:
A ministry designed for operating lighting for Sunday services and special musical events.  This ministry can be very technical at times.