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“If you love Me, you will obey what I command.”


It’s through obedience that we express our love for God.  Meaning that we can sing praise songs until we’re blue in the face – and often do . . . but without obedience they’re just hollow words.  Or we can memorize more Scripture than anyone else in our Bible study but if we’re not living them out – how are we showing our love for God?


Jesus is clear, if you obey then you’re exposing your heart.  “If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teachings . . .”  All of His teachings, not just the few we find understandable or to our liking, but also those commands which are hard and seem to rub us the wrong way!


Love has a way of carrying us to the extreme.  We’ve all seen those folks who have exhibited some type of off the wall behavior all in the name of love.  Maybe you’re one those folks just like me?  But, when was the last time your love for your Savior carried you to the extreme?  Can you remember?  It’s easy to love the things of the world because when you do you’re considered normal.  The question is, can you fall in love with an unseen God to the point that His words supercede what is considered normal?


Hope you will join me in the never ending endeavor to become “abby”-normal.


– Dale

Becoming New PDF Print

Thomas Rainer, President and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources, offers some tried and true solutions to those churches that are presently finding growth slow and difficult.  Knowing that every church wishes to widen its influence for Christ in their respective communities Mr. Rainer brings much research to bear on the issue.  Consider these suggestions:


First, Rainer has noticed that the churches who seem to break out of their numerical slump are congregations that become serious in seeking the Lord’s help.  Fasting and praying become a priority.  Long or short duration doesn’t seem to be the issue, but surrender does.


Secondly, through his research of break out churches Thomas notices that congregations who are willing and eager to start new groups experience growth.  Sunday school, discipleship groups, prayer groups the list goes on . . . the question becomes how can you reach new people?


Related to this idea of new groups is the willingness to start new and different worship opportunities.  New services, set maybe at nontraditional times to reach new and different folks within a certain community.  Getting out of the box can help you see things in a fresh way.


The last of Mr. Rainer’s suggestions that I’m throwing out this morning is one of particular importance. “The power of inviting.”  Inviting others to fellowship with the church must become part of our DNA.  Constantly, consistently offering the invitation to join with us in vibrant heart-moving worship.  Unrelenting should be a word that describes us as we encourage everyone we meet to come and celebrate the risen savior along with us.


Prayer, fasting, new opportunities for growth and worship, unrelenting in offering an invitation to experience community with the church . . . these are tools that we have at our disposal right now.  How would God change our landscape, what would our God do if we became serious about reaching a community?


– Dale

Lord's Supper PDF Print

Today we commune together as we take communion, together.


This holy time is one of great importance within our fellowship, as it indicates our commitment to remain faithful to the scriptural mandate to proclaim the Lord’s death in this prescribed manner until He returns.  As vital as this command is for each believer, we also place a premium on the opportunity it affords us as a body to dwell together in unity.  As each of us approach the Lord’s table and partake of the bread and cup we share with our actions a desire to commune.  To commune with our Lord as we fellowship in His sufferings and also with our family as we seek together a oneness and fullness obtained only through total surrender.  The act itself of taking this meal reminds each of us of the death to which we were called and the depth of commitment required to accomplish such a life of death!


Please today . . . eat in contemplation . . . drink while meditating upon the meaning of this meal.  Then, determine to live out its full intent in your life of death.


– Dale

Missionaries PDF Print

It is indeed wonderful to have Greg and Tori Finley visiting with us today!  For those of you who may not know, Greg and Tori and their son, Will, serve the Lord as missionaries in the African nation of Rwanda.  After roughly two years on the field they have returned for a short visit and we are overjoyed they could make Comite Baptist Church one of their stops.


Greg is the son of George and Cecille Finley, who serve right here on this mission field.  I know you join with them in celebrating the opportunity to have this visit with family!


Praise God for those who hear and respond to our Lord’s call in bringing the gospel to the nations.  May the Finleys and the many others like them ever be in our prayers and may their efforts bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God!  Furthermore, may you and I respond wholeheartedly to the Lord’s call upon our lives – living faithfully for Him every day!


God Bless You!


2012 AWANA PDF Print


Hey Kids!


Wednesday, September 5

6:05 – 7:35 p.m.

“I-Scream the Good News” Night

Table-Long Banana Splits

AWANA Clubs are open to children 2 years old through 6th Grade.



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Sunday Morning Bible Study
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Sunday Morning Worship

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Adult Wednesday

Bible Study
6:00-7:00 p.m.

Come join us Wednesday evenings as we open the Word of God and discover the treasure inside.  We will worship, pray and study from 6:00-7:00 p.m. each Wednesday in the Comite cafeteria.  Bring a friend!  (NOTE: there are youth and children's activities also.)

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