Easter 2011 Print

“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, He gave up His spirit.”


What a horrific moment!


John tells us that nothing was made that was not made by the Word (Jesus).  Later he records Jesus proclaiming Himself as the beginning of everything that exists and the ending of all that is ever made.


How then, can He die?


It would be horrible enough were He just a righteous man – a teacher of holiness and surrender to God, a just man.  But how can creation’s Creator die?  How can Inventor of blood, breath and body, cease to be?


He must (and this is nonnegotiable) purposefully give His life.  For nothing in this world known or unknown would dare seek to snuff out the life of God save He lay it down.


How horrible that moment.  How all of heaven must have gasped in disbelief!  Legions of unused angelic warriors perched to pounce must have expelled a mighty cry of agony as capitulation had never before been an option.  How could it be now concerning their Creator?


But die He did, and mercifully so.  Though it was for our gain He surrendered. Because to truly conquer death one must engage death – fight it face to face.  Jesus entered death and took it captive.  Not for Himself, but for us,  that we might no longer fear and fall prey to this unconquerable Foe.


A horrible moment it had to be – but that’s the middle of the story, not the end.  Jesus took death prisoner so that you and I, through faith in Him, might possess true life!


What a beautiful moment!


Christ is risen!

– Dale