Memorial Day Print

To give one's all in anything has to be an amazing thing to behold.  In fact, now that I think about it, I'm not fully convinced that I've ever seen it!  I've certainly heard people say they've given their all, but really?  "All" is such a huge word.  Maybe we've given much, or possibly given more than we're accustomed to giving – but "all'? . . . that's a big give!


This weekend our Nation pauses to remember those in our armed forces who understood the definition of this word, "all."  Memorial Day is self-descriptive, a time to remember and memorialize those who in their giving held nothing back, left nothing in reserve.  They gave their lives.


How can we ever properly express our gratitude?


By remembering.


It is through remembering we  protect what has been preserved!


We remember sacrifices made to obtain and protect a freedom that few around the world can conceive of and long to possess.


Memorial Day, and days like it, help keep our memories fresh causing us to be appreciative of "all" that we enjoy – because we're aware of just how expensive and precious the price actually is!


— Dale