Faithfulness Print


How would you define faithfulness?  Sure we can look up a series of meanings from numerous sources and for some that may suffice.  But faithfulness (at least to me) is one of those meaty words, juicy in the sense that it conjures up certain powerful images.  Those images are the definition.  They are what immediately springs to mind when the word comes to mind.


Faithful . . .


What thought just surfaced?


I have several strong images in my life of people who were faithful to their very end or more aptly – to their new beginning.


Do “you” come to mind when you think of the word?  Comite, you have been faithful. You’ve stood strong when others grew weary.  You shouldered the commitment while others shrugged it off.  Even though you probably had a valid excuse at some time to just walk away form the labor, you refused.  Your reasoning?  God's call!  He commanded and you obeyed to the best of your ability.  Thank you!  This work continues because of your steadfast heart.  Your tenacious spirit, has been used of God to continue His task of reaching this community for Christ.


Thank you for giving to the Lord!


– Dale