I don’t believe that God’s propensity to give and love can be questioned.  When we look at the enormity, the intricacy, the diversity, and even the esthetic beauty of God’s wonderful creation, we cannot help but become awed and overwhelmed. 

But it’s the fact that, as the crown of His creation, all that has been made was made for man... for you.

We are truly, His focus!

We are the aim of His pinpointed love in the person of Jesus Christ!

God loved and loves so immensely that He could not allow the focus of His passion to wallow in a sin-filled, hopeless, state.  Therefore, He made possible a path – that leads directly to Him!  It is only because the God, who is Love, so thoroughly loved that He became His own creation, laying the blood-path that leads to life –  personally!

Please know, that without this selfless sacrifice of our Creator we would be the most pitiful of beings... being made to possess the unpossessable.  But our God opened a divine door through the incarnation and bids us:

“Come in and know Me better...!”

How will you – personally – respond to this type of love?

– Dale