In Ronald Reagan’s famous inaugural address as California’s 33rd governor, he warned: “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

That’s certainly true, and I’m sure it was a powerful speech delivered in an exquisite manner by a wonderful orator.  But I’ve been hearing that phrase repeated in one form or another in regards to Christianity for as long as I can remember...

That Christianity is only one generation away from extinction...

That certainly is not true!

Yes, it’s correct that our task is to share the gospel.  To be more precise we are charged with the responsibility of “making” disciples.  Not merely share, but to labor in the formation of a believer who is capable of going out into our culture and then duplicate the process — proclaiming Jesus’ victory over death and the grave.

But the crucial fact of the matter is that God chooses to use us!  He does not have to use us in order to accomplish His overarching will.  We are His!  He is not ours – in the sense that we control any of the activity whatsoever!

Make no mistake this is God’s creation, His future – and His predetermined plan will unfold as He sees fit.  However, please note, we can be blessed by being an obedient part of His process or we can be cursed simply by ignoring His demands.

Your present generation needs laborers in the field right now...

Which will it be for you?

– Dale