Capitulation might well be the word of the day.

More and more the church, of this moment, looks to give ground to a radically sinful culture in order that it might somehow remain relevant with the arbiters of this rebellious society.  As the church of Christ it’s important to remain vigilant and to be careful – that in this desire to remain relevant within a rapidly changing culture that we remain real!

What good is it for anyone to engage a world with a pitifully weak, almost worthless faith?  How will that dimension of following maintain any type of clear Holy direction?

Boldness is needed now more than ever.  Knowledge is required so that we might answer their false apologetics with true biblical apologetics.

The world is clearly seeking our demise – the death of the church – and it begins by diminishing our voice!

Without her voice – the boundaries are easily erased!

Speak out!!!

– Dale