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Tuesday, June 28 2011 09:37

It would be easier sometimes if life could just be "one size fits all" . . . boring, but easier. There wouldn't have to be so many exceptions.  In other words the only dessert we would ever need would be chocolate.  (Did I mention that this one way would naturally be my way?)   If you ever managed to please one, then you would please them all . . . please!  Like that could ever happen!

Differences are a good thing.  They help make life juicy and spicy and sweet all at the same time.  Of course differences are also responsible for making our lives hair-pulling frustrating at times as well.

Differences in the church are a given.  That's because the church body is made up of this variegated invention by God called "people."  They each come with their own thoughts and feelings and points of view – "oh my!"  How in the world are we ever expected to get anything done?

Scripture teaches us however, that becoming a follower of Christ causes something unique to happen.  All of these strangely different, weird people become connected with a divine sameness.  The creative power of existence itself, God the Holy Spirit takes up residences within each believer.  In being filled with the Spirit of Christ we obtain an artist who knows the proper use for all of our unique differences.  This common purpose  doesn't rob us of our individual flavors, but takes them, blends them, and creates a wonderfully spicy aroma that works.  That's how we become a family, a church.  Think about it.  A finger looks nothing like a nose, but they fit together so well.  When God tastes our gumbo I picture Him saying, "Something's missing."  Maybe it's you?

Allow your differences to be used by God.  We need the extra seasoning!


– Dale


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