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Sunday, July 03 2011 00:00

Service – it’s a familiar word.  But how do you define it?  It’s what we used to get when we visited the “service station” (are they even called that anymore?).  Can you remember an attendant coming out when you drove up?  He actually pumped the gas for you?  They would be all over your car checking the windshield, the wipers, washer fluid, tire pressure, and even the oil – what would that cost today?  All that and they gave you green stamps to boot!  We’re in much too much of a hurry for all of that now anyway.

We demand “good service” when we eat at a nice restaurant.  We expect it when we’re spending the night at a five star hotel.  Service is something that we generally recognize when we receive it and certainly know it when we don’t.

But do we serve?

When our present President was on the campaign trail several years ago, he challenged Americans to get involved.  “Find a way to serve your community,” he said (good message).  Not an original one though.  Jesus challenged His followers to be servants of their fellow man.  He had a way of making being last  – putting the needs of others before your own – seem like the best choice.  Jesus was clear that service would be an identifying trait of those who inherited the kingdom.  They would clothe, feed and care for others to the extreme.  It would be recognizable that Jesus ruled their heart.  This is “spiritual patriotism!”  Actually living what you believe, obeying the Master.

Let me challenge you to be a “spiritual patriot” and be defined by what you give.  That’s called service . . . any takers?

– Dale


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