Our Mysterious God Print
Written by Pastor   
Monday, October 10 2011 10:53

God moves in mysterious ways.  I’m sure you’ve heard that old tried-and-true axiom. God actually moves as He sees fit and He, of course, sees everything perfectly.  The mystery comes from our limited vision.  After all, we only see in part – not the whole. (The older I get the fewer parts I seem to see!)  Actually, to see the “whole” would be overwhelming – praise God for limited vision!  That’s where trust comes in.  We trust God knowing that He knows all.  So, in the times that we believe everything in our world is spinning out of control we remind ourselves that God is in the midst of the vortex – nothing sneaks up on Him.  But God does more than just “now” He uses everything (large and small) to enact His will, to perform His purpose.

So before we belittle something that seems like a strange intrusion into our carefully planned lives – stop . . . take a breath . . . and consider how God might use this event to bring about His perfect will.  Pray, and ask God for clearer vision so that the purpose might be discovered within the challenge.  The unfolding of the Father’s will for your life is a journey that can be quite challenging and at times even painful, but that journey has the possibility of bringing about beautiful results if we’re willing to trust.  God knows how to create and His desire is to create a masterpiece out of you!


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