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Ben Maderazo serves as youth minister at Comite Baptist Church and has been in this role since 2015.  Ben is married to his wife Tessa and they have 3 children, Bryson, Bailey, and Reid.  He graduated from LSU in 2005 in Computer Engineering and works as a licensed engineer at a small local firm designing automated equipment.

CBC believes kids are the future of our church and it is our charge to disciple them, strengthen them spiritually, and prepare them to become that future church. We have 3 major goals for our youth group.

We will share the gospel and integrate the youth into the church. Our primary goal is to share the gospel to every child who comes.  We want them to hear and see the effect of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the leaders, their peers, and in their own lives.  We want to instill a burden in them to reach the lost in our community and around the world.

We will disciple the kids in our group.  Our desire for these young Christians is that they know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to share what they believe with others.  We achieve this through a combination Bible study, apologetics, and group discussion.

We will build a young community of Christians.  This Christ-centered community is achieved through Bible study, prayer, and encouragement.  It is a warm and welcoming place for all.  We have fun and engaging events throughout the year.  Your child will participate in summer camp, youth rallies, and regular get-togethers.  This provides time for the kids to bond and create lasting friendships and to invite friends who might not be a part of a youth group.